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Provide Comprehensive Security That Everyone Will Understand and Buy


Cybersecurity is complex in its many different approaches and tools. To most end users and senior management alike, it is a black box that few understand. The result? Mention the term cybersecurity, and people immediately tune out because they are used to hearing only complex explanations and a lot of buzzwords, such as Zero-Trust Network, Zero-Day Threat, Machine Learning, and many others that have no meaning to them.

Even if you are not security-savvy, the need for a secure Internet connection exists because nearly every electronic device is connected to the Internet today and though it is common practice to protect your laptop or PC against attacks, when it comes to phones, smartwatches, IoT and other technical gadgets, this is by far not the case. And yet, 63% of people use phones for work

What is worth noting is that over 75% of cyber attacks start with a scam email. The instances of an enterprise being attacked through one bad click frequently hit the media. When the user opens such an email on a smaller, mobile screen, it is easier to miss the fine details that distinguish the fake from the legitimate source. With robust mobile network security in place, the scam email would be rendered harmless.

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People want to be safe online but do not want to do much about it

The market demand speaks for itself: people want to be safe online but they do not want to allocate too much time, energy, and money to getting protected. This poses a unique opportunity for telcos who can monetize this demand and offer hassle-free protection.

The cybersecurity people want, and Telcos can deliver, must be easy to buy, deploy, and use. If telcos do not meet these criteria, it is like trying to sell sand in a desert – no one would buy it.‍

‍Cybersecurity without the hassle = quick revenue boost

What if we told you that such a service exists, and not only that, but will take only two months to implement, boost your ARPU by at least 5%, and drive your adoption rates well over 50%? And, since it is white-labeled, once implemented it looks and feels like everything else you created, so that your customers have the best possible customer experience.

The one-click activation process and highly affordable price make it incredibly easy for users to choose this product without giving it a second thought. Thanks to 16+ customer touchpoints, the service retains a high lifetime value and increases customer stickiness.

Ride the wave with us

The trend is clear – within 3–5 years, every telco will need to implement a network security product such as the one provided by Whalebone Aura. Major players worldwide are starting to see the need for hassle-free, yet robust mass-market security. Join Telefónica, O2, A1, Tele2, Telia, and dozens of other nationwide telcos and set the trend in your market.

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