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Security, Telco’s Best Value-Added Service

Cyberspace is a dangerous place. Phones and households are permanently connected. Many cannot imagine it being in any other way. Yet that was not the case several years ago. And worse still, most devices have a similar level of protection they had ten years ago – pretty much none. That will not cut it these days. Your customers realize that they need something more. Something that will not slow down their phones, but will do its job and keep them safe. And you are in the best possible positioning to offer them cybersecurity value-added service (VAS).

Rising demand for mobile VAS

Our telco partners who offered their customers a cybersecurity-oriented VAS can confirm that there is a non-negligible demand for it. Their adoption rates are over 50%. Providing your customers with cybersecurity solutions is a must-have these days. People both expect and demand them and get them from A1 Telekom Austria, O2 CZ, or A1 Serbia.

What do they get from a cybersecurity-oriented VAS?

Before customers subscribe to your new VAS, they need to understand what they get and which pains it solves. First and foremost, they get non-intrusive protection requiring zero maintenance on their end. They pay their monthly fee and that is it. The cybersecurity solution does not harm the performance of protected devices. On the contrary, by blocking undesired content, users can even save on data consumed and use them on what is relevant to them. This is what a value-added service provided by telcos is about.

Another critical criterion for VAS is its availability. The implementation of it has to be as simple as possible. With Whalebone Aura, all they have to do is to subscribe to the telco’s VAS. To sum it up, it has to be easy to buy, deploy, and use.

Ahead of the curve

To get the most out of any opportunity, it is necessary to pioneer it. Currently, the demand for cybersecurity VAS is big and is constantly rising. Cybersecurity is no longer a “nice to have” thing. It turned into a “must have.” Telcos are in the best position to deliver this on a global scale, satisfying this rising need.