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Stand out from the ISP competition: Provide secure connection to your customers

People do not feel safe on the internet, but either do not know how to protect themselves properly, or do not want to spend time and energy by installing and maintaining protective solutions. Fortunately, ISPs can save the day while gaining significant competitive advantage.

According to European Commission’s research, 88% of internet users agree that the risk of becoming a victim of cyber crime is increasing, nevertheless the number of people actively installing countermeasures is decreasing. With multiple devices to take care of and the cyber crime landscape constantly changing, people seem to fall victim to “cybersecurity fatigue”.

This is a term referring to the users being weary and disinterested in taking active steps to secure their online presence and devices. After constantly changing their passwords, needing to update some software nearly every other day, and having to use two-factor authentication for multiple apps at work, people tend to just wing it wherever they can.

ISPs can benefit from this – via offering secure connection with no need to install or maintain any software

The ISPs are in a unique position – thanks to enabling security on the network level, their customers can finally feel safe without having to add yet another task to their busy online lives.

Secure DNS resolver Whalebone Peacemaker instantly blocks any communication with malicious domains, thus protecting the customers from wide range of threats on all of their devices without the need to do any extra work. This is a benefit which can make all the difference during the customers’ decision process.

Just imagine this messaging in your communication channels:

An example of content

Moreover, apart from the initial 1-hour-long set-up, there is no extra workload for the ISP. Quite the opposite.

Whalebone Peacemaker instantly makes your life easier in the following ways:

1.    The customers who have connection issues caused by malware in their devices stop complaining due to the significant rise in speed and quality of their connection

2.    A part of the bandwidth frees up thanks to the unwanted C&C, coinminers, and SPAM traffic being blocked

3.    The ISP gains unique insights into the DNS traffic in their network

4.    The core devices ensuring the service and operations get instant protection

5.    The DNS content filtering automatically ensures compliance with national content regulations

6.    Thanks to the protection and content filtering, you can even open up a new revenue stream

See how Peacemaker works in this video and set-up a free trial run in just an hour (or just ask our experts anything you want to know).