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TDC Erhverv and Whalebone Launched a New Security Solution for SMB Customers

TDC Erhverv takes an innovative step towards stepping up security standards among Danish enterprises, in particular small and medium-sized companies. This leading Danish telecommunications provider is the first one in Denmark to introduce a white-label solution based on Whalebone Aura.

According to the numbers from the Danish Business Authority, a quarter of all small and medium enterprises in Denmark neglect even the most basic issues within IT security. It translates into a serious threat for the entire Danish cyberspace as both private citizens, companies, and the public sector are all part of an interconnected digital ecosystem. That makes cyber security an issue of common concern. That’s why TDC Erhverv introduces the only internet subscription service in Denmark with an integrated DNS security filter addressed primarily to small and medium companies.

The dominant perception of IT security is that it’s very complex. As a result, many companies have no control over these matters which is why we decided to be the first in Denmark to offer DNS security as part of our services. It means that our customers can get a secure internet connection with no extra costs and enjoy protection from such cyber threats as malicious websites, phishing, and ransomware attacks”, says the company's CEO John Henriksen. He further adds: “What drives us is that it is our common duty to strengthen the cybersecurity in the Danish business sector. It takes just one weak link to trigger a chain reaction. We believe that an integrated DNS security solution for small and medium companies is the way to go.

Whalebone Aura is a DNS cybersecurity white-label product from Whalebone. Danish internet users – who will come to know it as InternetFilter – will thereby join the ranks of millions of users worldwide enjoying this state-of-the-art protection from a wide and growing array of cyber threats.