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Telecommunications Operators as Guarantors of Security

Telcos have a unique market positioning with their huge customer base counting in millions and more. But as they say, with great power comes great responsibility. People are slowly taking interest in what happens with their data, and also how to not fall victim to malicious hackers. Nearly everybody in developed countries has a phone. So how to leverage the rising demand with the infrastructure and customer base of telcos?

Securing Customers’ Internet Connection

Telecommunications operators not only offer mobile plans but also provide Internet connectivity to households and businesses. Their customers are connected pretty much all the time, accessing all the information they require at any moment. The longer they stay connected, the more valuable a target they become because the hacker can extract more information, use the victim for more attacks, or simply mine more cryptocurrency for example. At the same time it gives the hacker more opportunities to assume control of the device. They want their privacy, devices, and data to be secured and you are in the perfect position to offer them just that.

With the help of DNS security, you can offer a new security service to your customers, where the only thing they have to do is to agree with the subscription. There is no other action required on their part to secure their devices and networks, and what is even better, it will not negatively impact the bandwidth and the latency. Whalebone Aura analyzes their DNS traffic, which accompanies pretty much all of their network communication, and from this information, we are able to successfully identify which traffic is benign, and which has to be blocked. Apart from giving them the option to stay protected no matter where they are, they will also have the option to filter traffic by categories, including blocking ads on a network level and saving their available monthly data for the content they want.

More people are starting to take interest in what happens with their data, their privacy in general, and their security. You are in a perfect position to leverage this and offer a new and innovative security service to your customers, increasing their overall satisfaction with the services you provide and at the same time boosting your ARPU by +5 % with +50 % adoption rates.

Do you want to establish your position as the innovative leader in telecommunications?