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Telekom Srbija and Whalebone Launch Safe Net

Earlier this year, Telekom Srbija launched their new security product Siguran Net (Safe Net) for all their mobile internet users. The product is based on Whalebone Aura and offers seamless DNS protection from phishing attacks, malware, malicious websites, and other threats lurking in the muddy waters of the Internet.

Protection for less than 1 EUR a month

One of the key benefits of this product is its ease of use - there is no need for any installation, and requires no technical expertise to operate. What is more, Safe Net is also incredibly affordable. Customers can enjoy a free trial for one month, and then continue to use the service for just 79 Serbian dinars (0.67 EUR) a month. This makes Safe Net an accessible option for anyone who wants to protect their online activities without breaking the bank.

Telekom Serbia also made it as easy as possible to sign up for the service - their customers can sign in via their user portal, through app, by SMS or call, or by visiting their nearest branch.

Staying ahead of the curve

“One should not learn safety rules by accident. I would like to praise our partners from Whalebone company for their exceptional business approach, efficiency, and professionalism that led to successful cooperation,” says Vesna Protić, B2B User Experience Design Manager for Telekom Srbija.

At Whalebone, we understand the importance of staying ahead of evolving cyber threats, which is why we use advanced machine learning algorithms to identify and block malicious websites in real-time. By partnering with Telekom Srbija, we are able to bring this cutting-edge technology to a wider audience, helping to protect people across the country from the growing threat of cybercrime.