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The best czech seed stage startup is Whalebone

Whalebone won the Seedstars Prague competition, where competed ten best seed stage startups from the Czech Republic and surrounding countries. Winning means Whalebone's progress to the global finale.The top ten startups have measured their strengths before the jury in the Seedstars Prague competition, the biggest seed start competition for developing markets. Whalebone has qualified for the competition as a wild card for the victory in the DEXIC Accelerator. The five-member jury selected the best startup not only from Czech companies. In Prague, for example, a company from Denmark also competed. Whalebone, as the winner, will represent our region in the fight for the Seedstars Global Winner title at the Seedstars global summit in Switzerland.Our representative, Petr Soukeník, had, like all the other contestants, three minutes to convincing the jury with his presentation. The next five minutes belonged to the jurors who asked questions and were already at the contestants how to deal with these questions.Many great ideas but win could only oneFrom ten interesting startups, including Yieldigo, SmartGuide, Data & More, Mutumut, MyTimi, Lafluence,, Amio and Vistag, was our company selected by the jury and declared the best seed stage in the region."Within three short minutes, it was not easy to say everything and convince the jury that we are the best. In addition, the competition was great because there were ten great startups. I'm so glad that foreign colleagues from Whalebone also came to support me. I think our six nationalities were the most diverse representation of competing companies," Petr Soukeník said.Not only the quality and interesting presentation, but also our practical results and the vision we want to pursue with Whalebone not only in terms of technology, but also in terms of expansion of the company to other countries and new markets. "There was a break just after the Whalebone pitch. With the interest of investors who had begun speak with us before the announcement, it was possible to feel that it could do well. The tension before the announcement was enormous, "Petr Soukeník described the waiting for the announcement.As the winner of Seedstars Prague Whalebone advances to the world finals, where we will match the strengths with six dozen startups from around the world. This challenge, which will take place in April next year, is being carefully prepared and we believe it will be a great experience for our entire society.