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The Importance of Password Security

When it comes to internet security, a password is often the be-all and end-all. If it gets breached, you have no choice but to change it and, even better, upgrade it. Thankfully, you are not expected to do this all by yourself these days, as there are many tools to help you create an Enigma of passwords – unbreakable and ever-changing.

What are the features of a strong password?

Nowadays, many modern service providers display specific password requirements when you want to create an account on their platform. Such requirements tend to be quite common sense, such as a password should contain at least a certain number of characters including not only both lower- and upper-case letters but also numbers and other symbols.

However, only a few platforms pay attention to character sequence and, therefore, let users either repeat characters or type them in an alphabetical or numerical order. In addition, what no service provider can really prevent is people putting in personal details, such as names or birth dates. All this makes a hacker's job easier than it should be.

Besides length and various character types, another feature of a strong password is its memorability if you plan to always carry it with you. Ideally, everyone should have diverse passwords or at least their alterations for every account. Not only that, you ought to change them from time to time, too, especially if you discover that they were breached. But, owing to technological progress, you are no longer obliged to ensure your web safety by your memory and creativity only.

Which tools can enhance your password security?

On the face of it, it is rather difficult to make a perfect password from scratch and then memorize all its variations throughout time and different platforms. Fortunately, there are a number of tools more than capable of doing that work for you. Creating, changing, and keeping track of password alternatives becomes quite easy when you use trusted password managers, such as BitWarden or 1Password.

Even they may fall victim to data breaches, though, as it happened to Norton LifeLock at the beginning of 2023. For that reason, users should also take other precautions beside using strong passwords. Every user needs to be aware of not only unsecured networks but, for example, phishing attacks, too. Moreover, safe and reliable services should offer their user base the bare minimum of data encryption and two- or multi-factor authorization.

Nonetheless, Whalebone Aura telco customers are already aware of all this, which is why they use the Identity Protection feature that ensures their customers’ online account data remain safe. The users are notified of both current and past breaches and thus know whether they can trust the service with their precious password. And, if a leak does occur, you can rest assured we at Whalebone notify you and your users instantly and guide you through the whole process so that you can keep all the sensitive data safe.