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Whalebone and A1 Serbia Launched A1 Net Protect in 7 Weeks

Whalebone once again proved its time-to-market leadership. Thanks to a great collaboration with A1 Serbia’s teams, a new record was set. After no more than 7 weeks, A1 Net Protect already makes the internet secure and comfortable with no barriers for A1’s customers.Two main prerequisites can lead up to such a great launch:

  1. Product. Whalebone has an easily adaptable modular white-label end-user portal. It’s telco-made, responsive by default, and offers lots of unparalleled flexibility. The whole product is tailored for telcos and the deployment process is as streamlined as possible.
  2. Collaboration. A1 Serbia has a great, hard-working team, which collaborated with our teams in an exemplary way. The ability to closely cooperate with other teams is what makes the whole deployment perfectly comfortable with no excessive costs and wasted time.

“The whole partnership with A1 Serbia has been smooth and to the point. This close and effective collaboration of our teams led to a new time-to-market record for Whalebone.”

  • Peter Pales, Telco Business Development Manager / Whalebone

The fast and streamlined time-to-market is truly crucial. All the cybersecurity reports as well as our data lead to the conclusion that telcos need to offer cybersecurity products with no barriers to purchase as soon as possible. Their customers are becoming more and more aware of cyber threats and expect telcos to provide them with secure internet. On top of that, having a cutting-edge cybersecurity product brings a significant revenue stream and a competitive advantage.“Each day of not having Whalebone launched is revenue missed for telcos. Whalebone is the fastest time-to-market cybersecurity product with a superior customer experience.”

  • Martin Reitenspiess, Investor respresentative

A1 Net Protect

The activation of A1 Serbia’s product takes three simple steps. First, the customer activates the A1 Net Protect plugin in their My A1 app, by sending a text message, in person at an A1 store, or by calling the customer service. Secondly, he or she will be informed that the protection has been activated and that their one-month free trial period has started. Before the trial period ends, the customer gets notified about the expiration. They can take a look at the data and see which threats were rendered harmless. Finally, if the customer likes the value, he or she can simply activate the service again and stay protected.

A1’s customers can access the portal through their app and have a perfect overview of the threats that were mitigated. All connected devices with all the different operating systems can be protected against various kinds of threats such as:

  • malware,
  • schemes that are aimed to extract sensitive information, credit card credentials, or other valuable data from customers,
  • fake e-shops,
  • botnets, which take control over internet users’ devices and use them for future malicious activities,
  • spam emails, which try to trick users by various schemes,
  • compromised websites, which would normally be safe, but have been hacked,
  • coin miners, which take advantage of the computational power of the user’s device,
  • and many more.

The customers are also given all the freedom they might ask for. They don’t have to worry about any limitations. If they wish to, they can proceed to a blocked page anyway, despite the warning. They can also blacklist domains of their choice, which will ensure they are always blocked. Similarly, they can whitelist any domain. In this case, the domain would always be accessible.

“A1 Serbia is a digital life leader and enabler focusing on the overall user experience. Whalebone's goal is to contribute to this experience with zero disruption cybersecurity. Thanks to A1 Net Protect, A1’s customers can get cutting-edge cybersecurity with one click and no installation.”

  • Richard Malovic, CEO Whalebone