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Whalebone and Tele2 Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia launch new security products

In response to the growing risks of cybercrime, the leading Baltic mobile operator and technology innovation company Tele2 has added a new security product to their portfolio. The service, based on Whalebone Aura, is now available to Tele2 customers in all of the Baltic states, protecting them from malware, frauds, and unwanted content. In Latvia, the product is called Interneta Drošība (Internet Security), in Lithuania Interneto Apsauga (Internet Protection), and in Estonia Digikaitse (Digital Protection).

Effective protection from harmful content

“With this product, we aim to provide an affordable and simple cyber security solution that is very easy to implement – no configuration or apps are required in order to be secure. This is a very lightweight solution that doesn‘t require businesses to have a dedicated IT security specialist in order to be protected. The product also has amazing features that will help to protect children from harmful content that can be found on the internet, so in addition to being protected, our clients can also control what content on the internet is accessible while using the Tele2 network. Tele2 Lithuania chose to work with Whalebone because of their vast experience in the cybersecurity field and flexibility while developing solutions based on our needs. Though we ran into some technical challenges, we managed to find solutions to all of them and are very happy with the result,” says Donatas Drakickas, Product Manager at Tele2 Lithuania.

Through the combined efforts of local sources and Whalebone's advanced Threat Intelligence Engine, Tele2’s security product offers unparalleled protection to internet users in the three Baltic countries. The product is offered as a VAS in Lithuania and Latvia, and in Estonia, it is bundled with mobile package deals. By activating the service, users can stay safe online at all times, as it continuously integrates the work of sophisticated systems and multiple threat intelligence teams.

Janek Jaago, B2B Services Area Manager at Tele2 Estonia, explains the reasoning behind their decision to add this service to their core mobile packages: “As we have observed, the internet landscape is increasingly plagued by a surge in frequent and diverse threats, posing significant challenges for ordinary users. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, Tele2 Estonia has assumed the vital role of safeguarding our clients' internet security. Consequently, we have made the strategic decision to integrate this paramount service into all our new mobile packages. It is crucial to emphasize that internet security is not a luxury, but an inherent right extended to each and every one of our beloved clients.”


Seamless safeguarding right at the network level

Tele2's new security product safeguards all connected devices from various online threats, such as viruses, fraudulent websites, and unwanted content in apps, browsers, or communication tools. As it operates right at the network level, users do not need to take any action or download special software, nor do they need to change any settings on their phones or routers. In other words, subscribed users can be sure all their devices including phones, tablets, and computers with different browsers and apps that are connected to the Tele2 network are protected.

Through this innovative approach, Tele2’s security product provides users with next-generation protection against the many dangers of the internet, empowering them to enjoy a safer and more secure online experience.

Become the trendsetter

With telcos worldwide rushing to deploy mass-market cybersecurity consumer solutions, this is the best time to jump on the hype train and become the trendsetter in your country. As the market leader in the number of telco consumer cybersecurity deployments, Whalebone wants to share the practices of the best-performing products.

Our new RFP (Revenue from Protection) webinar series will be looking at security products from the business perspective. Join us on June 29 and listen to our CEO Richard Malovic discuss the challenges and opportunities mass-market security solutions bring to telcos.