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Whalebone DNS Security for ISPs

Invitation for webinar and Whalebone introduction

Learn the impact of cyber criminality to ISPs and the ways how Whalebone could protect you. We invite you for Whalebone DNS Security webinar and product introduction

The best way to describe Whalebone benefits is through customer feedback:

"We were looking for something that could eliminate the behaviour of our clients who are not aware of their cybersecurity. Due Whalebone I am able to protect our network with 10.000 clients with two on-premise DNS resolvers. Moreover, Whalebone DNS resolving is 100% stable and reliable since it was deployed 2 years ago. Whatever we used before, there was always some issue. However, with WB everything goes like a Swiss watch. And I can get DNS off my head."
Jan Křivský, CTO of Airwaynet

DNS security is a must

Do you agree DNS is a crucial part of each network? Additionally, have you ever heard it is also one of the most vulnerable parts of your network infrastructure?

The problem is massive!

According to Cisco's Annual Report 2016, 91.3% of malware uses DNS to harm networks. We have our own data! In a period of last 30 day, 27% of all IPs protected by Whalebone experienced at least one security incident related to DNS. Besides, the proportion is increasing each month since we started to measure it.

DNS Security and Internet Service Providers

Should you be an ISP, you are experiencing a typical issue related to your customers. Your customers are not aware of their cybersecurity. Even if they have at least antivirus installed, they may forget to update it. As a result, they cause troubles to your network:

  • malicious traffic
  • internal attacks
  • outgoing SPAM or DoS campaigns
  • blacklisting of IPs
  • and many more...

It is not on purpose. They just do not know about that. Moreover, the impacts of malware can start to live their own life unnoticed by the user.

It can get even worse. Not only copmuters and phones can get infected, but even smart devices, IoT or network components could be targeted by attackers.

DNS challenges ISPs have to deal with

Both DNS and cybersecurity area become more difficult and complex to manage. Terms like DNSSEC, IPv6, DNS over TLS are just the tip of the iceberg. The more important form of business perspective is to have reliable DNS resolving so that your customers do not experience any troubles whilst using the internet. You need peace of mind, right?

ISP, get your peace of mind about DNS with Whalebone

We can help you with everything mentioned above. And even more.

Let us invite you for Whalebone DNS Security webinar or you know what? Try Whalebone even before the webinar. Our full trial is for free and you will receive our complete support.