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Whalebone Helps United Group Protect Customers in 4 Countries

The United Group's innovation center — United Cloud — has launched EON Connect, an innovative new service that gives customers control over their internet and adds extra security.The service is available to customers of:

  • SBB Serbia
  • Telemach Slovenia
  • Telemach Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Telemach Montenegro

EON Connect makes use of Whalebone's unique threat intelligence, which calculates a score that represents the dangerousness of domains. EON Connect platform can then set the blocking threshold and avoid threats that often have even devastating potential. The security is in this case handled on the network level without any disturbance to the customers’ experience browsing the Internet.

On top of important security features, EON Connect provides customers with additional control over their home network. For example, they can create user profiles and manage devices per profile, configuring rules and privileges for each of them. For these purposes, Whalebone has provided its content intelligence, which can identify different categories of content such as games, sexual content, social networks, chatting, and many more. Users can set up different rules, be it for reasons of parental control, creating a more focused environment for the home office, or anything else. This feature makes it possible to filter content by category – allowing customers to restrict a child’s access to social networks or certain categories of content deemed inappropriate, set limits on data usage, restrict access to the internet when it’s time to sleep or do homework, and instantly pause the internet on any device or profile.At this point, the service is already available to customers of SBB Serbia and Telemach Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro with the prospect of being offered in all the other countries that United Group operates in.“The whole collaboration was great. We are glad we could make a group-level deal without having to sign contracts with each partner separately. This means that our service is already available in four additional countries, with the prospect of further growth. That proves our flexibility and the ability to adapt the product to the customer’s needs.”

  • Peter Páleš, Whalebone Telco Business Development Manager

About United Cloud

United Cloud is the leading innovation center in Southeast Europe and consists of more than 200 skilled professionals, including engineers, product developers and innovators, and UX/UI designers. They work across five locations in three different countries. The collaboration between this innovation center of the United Group and Whalebone has led to a great service, which will provide a better and safer experience using the Internet to customers from many European countries.

About Whalebone

Whalebone is a cybersecurity product for telcos, ISPs, and corporations that provides millions of everyday internet users unyielding protection from malware, phishing schemes, ransomware, and other malicious digital attacks without the need for them to download anything. Whalebone’s mission is to bring cybersecurity to 1 billion everyday people. Whalebone has repeatedly proven its potential by enabling important CEE telcos to properly protect their customers, while significantly raising their revenue. At this point, Whalebone has nearly 200 customers in telecommunications and corporate sectors around the globe.