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Whalebone Is Preparing a New Brand Video

At Whalebone, we are pleased to present a preview of our latest initiative — a brand-new video that encapsulates our mission, vision, and the essence of what we do. As a company dedicated to cybersecurity, we are committed to safeguarding the digital world of everyday people seamlessly and effectively.

Whalebone's journey has taken us from a small office to becoming a global market leader in telco mass market cybersecurity. Along the way, we have partnered with major enterprises, telcos, public institutions, and even the European Union to achieve our ambitious goals.

Our mission is clear: by the end of the decade, we aim to protect one billion everyday people.

We believe that together with our partners, we can achieve this ambitious goal.


Whalebone is currently preparing the project “Creation of a promotional video for the Whalebone company” (registration number: 0380000408) for the purpose of creative solution or enhancement of the presentation, appearance, and functionality of the applicant's product, process, or service towards its clients, with a key feature being interactivity. The project is financed by the European Union - Next Generation EU.

Společnost Whalebone v současné době realizuje projekt “Tvorba reklamního videa pro společnost Whalebone” (registrační číslo: 0380000408) za účelem kreativního řešení nebo zefektivnění prezentace, vzhledu i funkčnosti produktu, procesu nebo služby žadatele směrem k jeho klientům, jehož důležitým znakem je interaktivita. Financováno Evropskou unií - Next Generation EU.