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Whalebone Organized the 2nd European Telco Cybersecurity Conference

Last week, the 2nd European Telco Cybersecurity Conference, organized by Whalebone with the support of our partner, A1 Bulgaria, took place in Sofia, Bulgaria. This event served as an excellent learning and networking opportunity for our telco partners from all over Europe, offering a platform to exchange insights, learn, and envision the future of cybersecurity.

Attendees of the 2nd European Telco Cybersecurity Conference

“Thank you all for contributing to our ultimate goal and vision to protect one billion people worldwide. With millions of users protected already, we know we are on the right track,” said Whalebone CEO, Richard Malovic, in his welcome speech to the conference attendees.

The Power of Shared Knowledge

At Whalebone, we hold the firm belief that the sharing of knowledge is the engine that propels our industry forward. This belief was the driving force behind the conference. The event provided a unique opportunity for attendees from our partner telcos to access a wealth of insights and expertise from both industry leaders and their peers.

Leveraging Unmatched Telco Deployments

One of Whalebone's hallmarks is its leadership in telco mass market cybersecurity deployments. This unique position sets the stage for our telco partners to gain a substantial advantage. By aligning with Whalebone, they access a treasure trove of real-world insights, knowledge, and experience.

Ondrej Hrabal, Product Marketing Manager, Whalebone

The knowledge and expertise shared within this community serve as a catalyst for mutual growth and success. This conference highlighted the power of unity, shared ideas, and collective progress as the speakers shared best practices, battle-tested strategies, and real-life learnings from various markets that others could benefit from in their strategic development in the realm of mass market security.

Exploring the Future of Telco Cybersecurity

The event provided an excellent opportunity to delve into the unique role of telcos in safeguarding end customers. Furthermore, discussions revolved around the visions for the future of telco cybersecurity, with a focus on leveraging DNS and ID Protection and enhancing pan-EU cybersecurity collaboration.

Aleksandar Petrov, Team Leader Residential Products, Services and OTT Partnerships, A1 Bulgaria

By collaborating with Whalebone, our partners not only become part of a network but a select group that finds immense value in mutual knowledge-sharing. It is an opportunity to be part of a community that is shaping the future of telco cybersecurity.