Customer references

Whalebone solution is trusted globally by customers of different sizes from various sectors.

Regional Level Internet Service Providers



„We have been using the Whalebone for two years. Within a moment, I see which IP addresses are being infected and where there is a problem. It makes it very easy for me to work. Technical support and reaction times are absolutely excellent.”

Jan Křivský, CTO

LajsiNET s.r.o



„The whole system works from deployment without any problem. We also like the new portal and server links.”

Jan Leisner, Company Owner





Suntel Net s.r.o.



„The Whalebone solution can be applied not only to blocking gambling but also to the safety measures that we can incorporate into our products.”

Jiří Špůr, Chief Technical Officer







„First of all, we were committed to fulfilling the legal obligation in the form of blocking gambling sites. When we got acquainted with the service in more detail, we found out that we do not have to waste time configuring our own servers and avoid potential problems.”

Jiří Váňa, Company Owner

PLAYMAX s.r.o.


„I am really amazed. Your service is great. Even my colleagues have started to understand it is worthy paying for it on a regular basis. And do you know what? Our IPs and ranges are not blacklisted anymore. Moreover, our customers appreciate we work with them to improve their security and clean their devices. And it is just because of you!”

Milan Harant, CEO


AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE a.s. 

Aircraft manufacturer


„For the first time in my career, I have experienced such a quick and seamless integration of security technology into the whole network.“

Milos Vodička, leader of ICT AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE

National Level Internet Service Providers

A1 Telekom Austria Group

Provider of digital services and communications solutions 


„Cyber security is an increasingly important area for the Telekom Austria Group. We are constantly looking for start-ups that  position themselves in this area and that want to work with us in a strategic partnership.”

Mario Mayerthaler, Head of Innovation at A1 Telekom Austria Group