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Whalebone protects networks of internet providers, brings additional revenue stream to nation-wide telecommunication operators and helps enterprise customers to gain control over DNS traffic.
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Regional level internet service providers

protected residential clients
ISPs and WISPs

Some of the ISP networks protected by Whalebone

Purefibre (UK) about Whalebone:

„Let me share our experience with Whalebone. We use it to improve service and protect our network in Greenwich Peninsula at London.“
Mark TrojacekPurefibre

What Whalebone customers think

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National level internet service providers

Whalebone delivers O2 Security


O2 Security delivered by Whalebone

O2 Czech Republic protects its consumers with a new product O2 Security, delivered by Whalebone.

O2 Czech Republic has introduced the O2 Security service for both mobile internet customers and fix internet users powered by Whalebone.

The service identifies and blocks harmful content, malicious software, and phishing sites; detects and blocks botnet attacks and brings O2 Czech Republic additional revenue stream.

Telekom Austria Group trusts Whalebone

„Whalebone is innovation showcase!“
Mario Mayerthaler, Head of InnovationsA1 Telekom Austria Group
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The world’s largest manufacturer of military jet training aeroplanes protected by Whalebone

Our anti-malware tool was launched by AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE. The customer, who is the world’s largest manufacturer of military jet training airplanes, was particularly interested in a simple concept that allows you to protect a wide range of endpoint types without the need for a complex configuration.

Blocking started to work quickly. „Several incidents were blocked in two weeks of testing and there was no false blocking. Nothing prevents the transition to full operation,“ said Whalebone´s CTO Robert Šefr.

„For the first time in my career, I have experienced a quick and seamless integration of security technology into the whole network.“
Miloš Vodička, Head of ICTAERO Vodochody AEROSPACE a.s.
See how easy was to get control over DNS at Aero Vodochody
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