Launching Telco Consumer Cybersecurity in 7 Weeks

See how A1 Serbia launched a great cybersecurity solution for their customers in record 7 weeks.
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As an experienced operator and also a reliable ICT partner to our users, we are strongly focused on developing specific, end-to-end cyber security solutions for the Serbian market. The main reason why we decided to enter the security segment is the rising number of threats that our customers face. We wanted them to feel and really be safe when using new technologies. Thanks to the experience of other Telcos in the A1 Austria Telekom group, we knew for a fact that this product would significantly improve the quality of our services and raise our revenue.

Amazingly, A1 Net Protect was up and running in seven weeks. There were no delays from the Whalebone side and we were working like one team. I didn’t really feel like they were a vendor or a company outside of A1. I can sum up the collaboration in three words: Agile. Complex. Fast.

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