Whalebone RFP Series 2: Robert Sefr

Cyber Security and Consumer Value Perception
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Watch our second webinar of the Whalebone RFP (Revenue from Protection) Series with our CTO, Robert Sefr, who will discuss the importance of tangible customer value perception of Telco products.


  • 1:45 – The importance of perceived value
  • 7:35 – The challenges faced by a typical telco customer
  • 12:13 – Product onboarding and the importance of well-designed touchpoints
  • 21:10 – Loyalty phase and the every-day value perception
  • 24:27 – Q&A

About Whalebone RFP (Revenue from Protection) Series

While telecommunications operators all over the world are enriching their cybersecurity portfolios and launching mass-market consumer cybersecurity solutions, not all of them actually sell well. We will explore common mistakes as well as the most successful cases. Our RFP Series is looking at security from a business-first perspective to explore what makes all the difference. Make your business case about business.

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