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A1 Net Protect Is a Top-Class B2C and B2B Security Product

See how the leading fixed and mobile operator in Austria feels about their white-label product.

"Implementing something in the A1 infrastructure might sometimes be complex. In this case, we had no troubles."

Claudia Panozzo, Innovation Manager, A1 Telekom Austria

A1 Net Protect is the perfect solution for their need to offer a seamless cybersecurity product to customers and boost revenue. The success of the product already convinced other telcos from A1 Telekom Austria Group to implement it, which is why A1 Bulgaria and A1 Serbia already offer A1 Net Protect to their customers as well.

"With Whalebone, we found a reliable partner to develop Net Protect which perfectly complements our security portfolio and helps our customers stay safe from current IT threats."

Norbert Parik, Head of Residential Services, A1 Telekom Austria

"During the implementation phase, the Whalebone team was very flexible, very responsive, and very fast in helping us get DNS protection into our systems. The project ran accordingly to the timeline and we launched it on time with a product that has all the features we wanted to boost our revenue."

Claudia Panozzo, Innovation Manager, A1 Telekom Austria

"A1 Telekom Austria Group puts increasing importance on cyber security. Therefore we are delighted to work with Whalebone in a strategic partnership."

Mario Mayerthaler, Head of Innovation, A1 Telekom Austria Group


Providing an easy-to-handle security solution.

With the immensely growing numbers of serious security incidents, A1 knew they had to come up with a service, which would offer their customers high-quality security with zero disruption to their user experience. This way, everyone can safely use their services, no matter how knowledgeable and experienced they are in terms of cybersecurity.

A1 Telekom Austria Group, as the European innovation leader in telecommunications, needed to offer the best available technology. That is why they closely collaborated with Whalebone in the development of the perfect solution – A1 Net Protect.

A1 wanted to have a fully customized and branded user interface including a customized blocking page. Another key request was to sort and communicate threats to their customers according to their own categories. Thanks to the Whalebone API and overall architecture of Aura, none of the requests posed a problem.


Close collaboration leading to A1 Net Protect.

Thanks to quick implementation, A1 Net Protect was born in a short time. Users do not have to install any apps of other software. They are simply protected at all times without any impact on the performance of their online activities, without having to install any app or software.

The customers see the value through the branded end-user portal online, in the Mein A1 App, and through other digital touchpoints. A1 Net Protect keeps them safe at all times against all kinds of threats such as fake websites, fraudulent text messages, backdoored apps, and many more.

All the customer needs to do to be protected is one simple action. Be it online, in the store, during a call, or by simply replying “YES” to a text message in reaction to a promo campaign. There are literally no barriers to purchase, which, in combination with clearly visible value, leads to record adoption rates of Aura-based products.


Lifetime partnership.

On top of offering the product to consumers, A1 Austria now offers Net Protect to SMB customers as well. The operator plans further development, which goes perfectly hand in hand with the maximum scalability of Whalebone Aura.

Since Aura is at the center of Whalebone’s focus, A1 can be sure that they are always offering a cutting-edge product, which is continuously being developed and improved. Our tech teams are always ready to collaborate with A1’s engineers whenever there is a need to adjust something about the service.

Apart from tech collaboration, A1’s PR and marketing teams collaborate with Whalebone’s teams when it comes to marketing campaigns, PR, and other activities needed to improve the performance of the product. Whalebone offers expert opinions and strategic consulting, experience from other customers, specific reporting, and other services included in our lifetime marketing SLA.

Following up on the success in Austria, other operators from the A1 Telekom Austria Group decided to also launch their versions of Net Protect. Thanks to that, they can also share best practices within the group on top of being continuously supported by Whalebone.