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A1 Brands and Branded Resellers

A1 Telekom Austria Brands Launch a VAS Security Product for the Low Value Segment


"Security is a major topic right now, so everyone wants it. We were the first ones in Austria who started offering top-notch security products for the low-value segment as well."

Martin Lindermaier Head of Mass Market Mobile, A1 Telekom Austria

A1 Telekom Austria Group is the leading telecommunications provider in the country with a variety of services sold under different brands running on the A1 network.

After a successful launch of the white-label Whalebone solution in the A1 Telekom Austria network, the company decided to implement the security product also into its brands, namely yesss! and XOXO, and branded resellers (Georg, Krone mobile, and KURIER mobil) that typically aim at customers in the lower price range.