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Elisa Estonia: The sales grew immediately and significantly

How Bundling Security Helped Elisa Estonia Gain Thousands of New Subscribers

"After we launched the product, we saw the greatest success came when we bundled it with our mobile packages. The sales grew immediately and significantly after that."

Viktoriya Epifanova | Product Manager, Elisa Estonia

Elisa Estonia, a prominent telecom operator in this Baltic country, identified a critical need to address the growing cybersecurity threats faced by individuals and businesses in Estonia.

With the intention of providing comprehensive protection, Elisa launched a security product named “Netivalvur” (Internet Guard) for their B2C base. The product is based on a white-label solution offered by Whalebone.

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"The biggest value of Internet Guard is that it is easy to use for everyone. You don't have to install anything; you don't have to worry about anything. It is simply there, working for you, protecting you."

Viktoriya Epifanova | Product Manager, Elisa Estonia


Offering easy-to-use solution for all generations

Prior to introducing Internet Guard, Elisa's cybersecurity offerings were primarily targeted towards business clients. There was a notable absence of dedicated cybersecurity products for private clients, leaving them vulnerable to a rising trend of cyberattacks.

The lack of accessible and user-friendly security solutions for Estonian subscribers, especially older individuals, was a significant challenge that Elisa aimed to address. To meet the rising demand for security, Elisa collaborated with Whalebone to introduce Internet Guard, a user-friendly and easily accessible security product.


Becoming the cybersecurity expert in the country while boosting adoption

Elisa aimed to establish itself as a recognized cybersecurity expert in Estonia, leveraging press releases, social media, monthly security reports provided by Whalebone, and even participating in news shows to spread awareness. The goal was to make Elisa synonymous with cybersecurity solutions, thus becoming a go-to choice for individuals seeking protection.

Elisa's strategic approach yielded positive outcomes. By being the first telco in Estonia to launch a network security product like Internet Guard, Elisa gained a significant advantage in a relatively small market, and became the opinion leader in the country. The product's ease of use and no-installation policy were major selling points, especially among older individuals who often struggle with complex IT processes.


Leading the trend in the country
  • 5,000 new subscribers
  • Opinion leader status
  • Fixed-line protection

By collaborating with Whalebone and leveraging strategic marketing approaches, Elisa established itself as a trendsetter in the Estonian telecom industry's cybersecurity domain.

Looking ahead, Elisa plans to expand the Internet Guard service to fixed-line services. By leveraging their home technicians' credibility and expertise, they aim to further increase adoption rates. This expansion indicates Elisa's commitment to providing comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for both B2C and potentially B2B clients.