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LMT Latvia

How LMT Became the Trendsetter in Latvia and Achieved Extremely Low Churn

"We were the first ones to introduce such a mass-market security product in Latvia. This way, we could really set the trend. The other telcos then followed suit."

Otto Kenga, Product Owner, LMT

Latvijas Mobilais Telefons (LMT), the largest telecommunications operator in Latvia, made a significant stride in the Latvian market by introducing a pioneering network security solution known as Internet Guard. This product is based on the white-label solution provided by Whalebone Aura.

Internet Guard aims to address the growing need for internet security among customers, positioning LMT as the first mover in the market to offer comprehensive network security to its subscribers.

"It was important for us to provide our customers with an effective, easy-to-use cyber security solution that can be integrated with other security systems. Whalebone's offering met our needs perfectly. Given the growing cyber security risks, as an innovation leader, it is essential for LMT to work with a trusted partner, and Whalebone has proved to be the one."

Otto Kenga | Product Owner, LMT

"As an innovation leader, we understood the growing cybersecurity risks and the importance of partnering with a trusted ally. That's where Whalebone came in, and it has truly proven to be the perfect fit for LMT."

Otto Kenga | Product Owner, LMT


Finding a reliable network security partner

The initial motivation to implement a product like Whalebone Aura's solution stemmed from LMT's understanding of its customers' increasing demand for internet security. Recognizing that they lacked an in-house solution, LMT sought a partnership with a reputable provider to fulfill this need.

It was important to find a reliable partner and integrate the solution into their business operations. LMT's challenge was not only technical but also strategic: how to seamlessly introduce a security product that would resonate with their diverse customer base. That is where Whalebone came in.


Driving adoption and setting the trend

LMT's go-to-market strategy centered around customer choice and widespread accessibility. They wanted customers to have the option to choose Internet Guard while making it available to as many clients as possible.

They empowered their sales agents by providing extensive training, motivational speakers, and insights from successful agents. The agents leveraged real-world scenarios, such as phishing scams, to engage customers in conversations about the importance of online security.

The sales team's approach varied based on customer personas, addressing concerns of head-of-families, parents of teenagers, and even larger government bodies seeking comprehensive security for their employees.

LMT effectively combined financial incentives, awareness-raising activities, and personalized sales tactics to drive adoption. By being the first on the Latvian market to introduce mass-market security solution to their customers, they could set the tone for the others.

Benefits of Being the First Mover:

Being the first telecommunications operator to introduce network security in Latvia provided LMT with several benefits:

  1. It allowed them to set the trend and establish themselves as leaders in providing security solutions to a wide range of customers.
  2. By addressing a growing concern before competitors, LMT solidified its reputation as a customer-centric and forward-thinking provider.
  3. The first-mover advantage enabled LMT to shape customer perceptions, establish market dominance, and lay a strong foundation for continued innovation in the realm of telco cybersecurity services.


Setting the trend and achieving incredibly low churn

  • 0.5% Customer Churn
  • First mover Setting the market trends
  • Driving adoption Through personalized sales

LMT's strategic approach yielded remarkable results. They achieved an incredibly low churn rate of below 0.5%, showcasing the high satisfaction levels among customers who opted for Internet Guard.

Being the first mover in the Latvian market not only positioned LMT as a trendsetter but also allowed them to set the standard for network security. This early entry into the market provided LMT with the advantage of shaping customer perceptions and expectations regarding internet security services.