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Mtel BiH

Mtel BiH Protects Children Online in Schools and Partners With UNICEF to Raise Awareness

"Schools should be a safe space for children – today, when everyone is constantly connected to the Internet, it is even more important to ensure that children's digital space is safeguarded as well. That's why Mtel started offering the service Safe Net in schools all  cross the country.
Looking at the collaboration with Whalebone, the business processes that we implemented together are characterized by speed, and the results are truly impressive."

Vesna Nikolić, Head of Services Development and Improvement and Sales Improvement Department, Mtel BiH


Mtel Bosnia and Herzegovina embarked on a mission to raise awareness of children's online safety and contribute to a safer online environment in schools. Recognizing the increasing challenges posed by the digital landscape, Mtel introduced "Safe Net", a security product based on Whalebone Aura.

Mtel employed various strategies to address children's online safety and boosted the commercial success of
Safe Net at the same time. 


"Knowing how vital it is to care for the youngest and the most vulnerable, we have created this socially responsible campaign. Together with our partners, we form a driving force that will raise awareness about the online safety, encourage public discussions, and hopefully move things forward."

Aleksandra Šobić | Head of Marketing Communications Department, Mtel BiH

"In our region, there are a lot of stories of children attacked onthe Internet with cyberbullying. I believe many parents can find themselves in those stories and realize they need an effective way to oversee what content their children can consume online. We try to find the solutions for them."

Ana Ponjević | Director of Marketing and PR Sector, Mtel BiH



Raising Awareness Effectively and With a Real Impact

Cyberbullying, hate speech, and inappropriate content are just some of the things children face online.
The need for a comprehensive solution to address this pressing issue became evident, prompting Mtel to take proactive measures.

The telco needed to raise awareness regarding the issue. Highlighting the psychological impact of violent or inappropriate content on children proved to be an effective way to prompt people to take this problem seriously.

Mtel also wanted to offer an actual solution: that is how Safe Net for schools was introduced. One of the challenges was logistical hurdles such as infrastructure limitations and the fact school computers were often
used by children and staff alike. The unique selling point of Safe Net, which allows control over Internet access for children, resonated well with school administrators and parents.



Launching Child Internet Safety Projects by Collaborating With Governmental Bodies and NGOs

Mtel launched the project “Safety of Children on the Internet”, aimed at the safe usage of the Internet by children and youth, which is supported by the Ministry of Scientific and Technological Development and Higher Education in the Republic of Srpska. The initiative includes a Network Security service for schools.

Mtel spearheaded an awareness video campaign “Do not close your eyes, protect the children on the
Internet!” with the support of UNICEF Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Blue Phone – Free Telephone Counseling for the Children. They also built successful media partnerships for this campaign.

Together with the aforementioned NGOs, Mtel also organized a country-wide education series for school psychologists, staff, and parents about the dangers of the Internet.

The partnership with UNICEF dates back to 2009, demonstrating Mtel's longstanding commitment to corporate social responsibility, and making them a true CSR pioneer in the country, addressing the challenging issues of today’s world.


Next steps

A Safer Digital Environment in Schools Across the Country

The impact of Mtel's initiatives is evident in the successful adoption of Safe Net among schools within the trial period.

The plan is to now onboard about 200 schools across the country, with a focus on primary and secondary schools.