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Selling security - Maximizing your competitive advantage

Enjoy our Whalebone webinar "Selling Security, Maximizing your competitive advantage".





Whalebone’s Product Marketing Manager Gordon Daniell talks about strategies and channels of communicating cybersecurity risks to customers regarding marketing security products, maximizing revenue, increasing ARPU, reducing churn, and gaining bigger subscriber base. 


0:00 – Intro. Introduction and webinar contents.

1:31 – Cybersecurity market. APAC, LOB, sticky customers.

4:48 – Communicating cybersecurity to customers. Understanding security, internal and external communication, touchpoints. 

14:14 – Communication channels. Core telco products, upselling, redirection pages, off-line sales generation (POS), channel performance (opt-in)

23:22 – Product bundles. Bundling (opt-in), hard bundle (opt-out).

27:09 – Tips and tricks for selling security. Single-click activation, social media, motivating POS teams.

35:09 – Summary. Communication and revenue.

38:00 – Q&A. Generating revenue by the Telco partner, increasing service activation from the target market, most effective channels for customer acquisition.