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Show your gains. Building a growth-focused business case

Are you planning to expand your portfolio of core telco products or add a cybersecurity VAS, but you're unsure how to build a solid business case? Are you already offering a security product and wonder how to highlight its added value?


Whalebone’s Product Marketing Manager Ondřej Hrabal talks to Christoph Hermes, a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Dusseldorf and Head of Customer Excellence at Whalebone, about marketing and selling cybersecurity VAS. 

The webinar is intended for those with a growth-focused mindset either wanting to accurately calculate adoption rates of security products in their core telco and VAS product range, or looking for way how to effectively demonstrate value of already offered security products. 


0:00 – Intro. Introduction, webinar contents, and our goals.

2:46 – Why we need cybersecurity. Business side, infrastructure, growth. 

8:16 – Addressing the challenges. Mass marketing, customer satisfaction, security demands, growth mindset.

15:55 – Business results. Adoption rate, ARPU, deployment, core telco products.

19:11 – Achieving targets. GTM strategy, digital campaigns, PR, sales action.

24:23 – Cybersecurity and omnichannel. Multiple device protection.

26:50 – What is a successful cybersecurity product? Understanding customers and products, pricing.

35:52 – Telcos and cybersecurity. Telco positioning as the security provider. 

40:44 – Comprehensible communication of cybersecurity. Simple, clear, easy application, free trial option.