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Tele2 Latvia

Tele2 Latvia’s Internet Security Surpasses Sales Goals by 300% in Just Two Months

"When we launched the product, we had two main marketing goals in mind: to build product awareness, and to raise online security awareness in the general population."

Ilze Zukova, Brand Manager, Tele2 Latvia

Tele2 Latvia, a prominent telecommunications company in this Baltic country, recognized the growing need for internet security in an increasingly connected world. With cyber threats becoming more sophisticated, protecting users from online dangers became a critical aspect of their service offerings.

The company aimed to position itself as a safeguard for its customers, ensuring their online safety. Tele2 Latvia strategized and executed a number of sophisticated marketing campaigns aimed at raising awareness not only of the security product itself but also of the dangers people face on the internet.

Thanks to real-life examples, provided by Whalebone, of best practices from other markets, the telco could make an informed decision about their go-to-market strategy.

"In terms of our go-to-market strategy, we quickly realized this is truly a mass market product and we can offer it to virtually anyone. We can successfully pitch it with any other purchase and at any point of contact with the client, be it in our store or on our website."

Guntars Alliks | Product Manager, Tele2 Latvia



Conveying the importance of mobile internet security

The primary challenge faced by Tele2 Latvia was to communicate the importance of online security to its customers and establish the product, called Internet Security, based on the white-label solution by Whalebone Aura, as a valuable addition to their telecom services.

The company needed to break through the perception that internet security was only essential for computers and convince customers that their smartphones also required protection. They have launched campaigns on the biggest Latvian internet portal – Delfi – focusing on mobile internet security for different customer groups which proved to be very successful.


To address these challenges, Tele2 Latvia designed a multi-pronged go-to-market strategy that highlighted the product's key values and focused on various customer segments. The main value proposition of the Internet Security product included:

  1. Low Price and Easy Subscription: The product was priced affordably, making it easily accessible to a broad customer base. The no-installation policy and easy subscription process further simplified the customer journey.
  2. Protection for the Whole Family: Tele2 Latvia positioned its Internet Security as a family-centric product, aiming to target the middle-aged members responsible for the safety of their younger and older family members. The message emphasized protecting the more vulnerable family members from threats on the internet.
  3. Availability Everywhere: The company strategically placed Internet Security offerings at various touchpoints, such as telecom centers, online stores, and device purchases. This made it convenient for customers to choose the product and activate it instantly.

The marketing team leveraged a mix of channels to promote the product, including PR, social media, and influencer collaborations. They created engaging content that educated customers about the need for smartphone internet security and how the product could safeguard their digital lives.


Exceeding goals and strengthening customer trust.

  • Inbound overreached goals by 300% in the first two months.
  • Multi-channel product and online safety awareness campaigns.
  • Successful go-to-market strategy based on in-depth analysis of best practices.