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Peacemaker – ISP Cybersecurity


Monetizing content filtering to increase profits

“I was looking for a way to increase average revenue per customer and found Peacemaker to be an ideal product to upsell.”

Lionel Redelinghuys | CEO of BitConnect

BitConnect is an ISP in the in the Metropolitan area in Pretoria, South Africa. As a smaller ISP, they were looking for a way to increase their revenue per user in a creative way. Now they are offering multiple packages based on Whalebone’s tech, which protect customers’ privacy, filter content and usage, and block ads.

The implementation was easy. You obviously need to have some understanding of how to set-up the server and install some additional software on it, but there was not much to the process. Any questions I had were answered in the documentation. I did not log any tickets for the set-up process whatsoever.

Lionel Redelinghuys | CEO of BitConnect

Using Whalebone’s capabilities, the filtering packages now have three main target groups, according to their needs:

  • Protecting privacy and online identity
    BitConnect’s privacy protection hides IP of the user and filters out all of the requests by services such as Google Analytics or Facebook pixel, basically all of the standard tracking services. Higher tier of the package includes ad filtering as well.
  • Filtering of the adult content and unwanted usage
    Ideal for the concerned parents, the family package filters out all of the adult content, abusive content, anything one would not want their child to come by on the internet. A stricter tier blocks torrenting and other unwanted usages as well, making it ideal for schools and public places.
  • Customizable packages for businesses

Businesses can opt for customizable package with their own rules and blocking pages. It allows them to find the exact mix of content and domain filtration to ensure that the work environment is effective and safe for all of the employees.

The customers can just choose the package on BitConnect’s website when they are signing up for their subscription.

How does the business work when everything is set up?

Lionel’s decision was to give all of the customers the standard benefit of Peacemaker, so that all individuals and businesses are protected from malware, IoT attacks, phishing, and other cybernetic threats. This not only protects the customers, but keeps the network free of malicious traffic, minimizing the user-based security issues.
Lionel also describes the opportunity which arised thanks to Peacemaker’s protection features: “One day a customer Whatsupped me and told me that their CEO received a phishing e-mail, and very nearly fell for it. I told him that they are protected from the consequences, but it opened a dialogue and they subscribed for the content filtering as well.”

As Lionel says, this is the part of the process they are working on now – finding the best way to communicate the value in their materials and on BitConnect’s website: “When we get to speak to the customer and explain what the product actually does, we usually get them to sign up for it.”

How to start increasing your revenue with Peacemaker?

1. Experience Whalebone – ask for an individual demo or a 14-day free trial.

2. Create a virtual machine with very low HW requirements – 2 CPU cores, 4 GB RAM, 40 GB HDD and run the Whalebone installation script. Then forward the DNS traffic to Whalebone resolvers. The whole process usually takes around an hour.

3. According to the product documentation, set-up content filtering policies according to the needs of your customers. Think about the needs of individuals as well as your business and institutional customers.

4.  Allow your new customers to choose the desired package on your website and forward their traffic to the respective resolver. Use your communication channels to contact your current customers for an easy upsell.