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Key Advantages of DNS Security

Whalebone Aura protects users on the DNS level.
Why do we believe this is the perfect place for protection?


Essentially all communication uses DNS resolution. This is why more than 90% of cyber threats need DNS resolution during their lifecycle to cause harm.

Because Aura operates on the communications protocol itself, we can easily implement effective content filtering and parental control.Network-level protection means that all the connected devices are protected, no matter what OS they use. The user does not have to install anything. And there are many more reasons.

DNS vs EPP vs Router security

A relevant comparison for telcos who consider their next cybersecurity product might be between DNS, EPP (i.e. an antivirus), and router security. The following table provides an overview of the most important differences.


More detailed information


If you know you want to go for network protection, you might be sitting on the fence between DNS and DPI. This is just a sneak peek into the decisive benefits of DNS over DPI:

  • Very low hardware requirements
  • No added latency
  • Fully convergent
  • Extremely privacy-sensitive
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Maximum user experience
  • Suitable for B2C and SMB

It is not so easy to properly understand the real-life implications of implementing either of these technologies. If you would like to get a more precise explanation of the benefits of DNS security over DPI, schedule a call with our sales representative who will walk you through all the pros and cons of both solutions.

Leverage your telco infrastructure

The hardware requirements of DNS security are very low and the deployment less complicated. Aura is tailored for telco infrastructure and will fit right into your already existing systems.

Just add another DNS resolver.Only telecommunications carriers can offer DNS security for mass consumption. Utilize your unique position on the market and do it the simplest, yet most effective way with Whalebone Aura.

Real-time threat intelligence

Imagine a new threat occurs. An attacker gets access to thousands of phone numbers and starts sending out quasi-randomly generated malicious domains to your customers’ smartphones. Every minute counts. Whoever is likely to fall victim to this trap, will probably do it within the first hours of the campaign. There is no time to lose.


Our DNS-based architecture allows us to offer:

  • AI-based detection of DGA (Domain Generation Algorithms)
  • Real-time propagation of detected threats to all of our DNS resolvers
  • Sophisticated analysis of multiple external and internal threat intelligence sources
  • Protection of all connected devices, even of smartphones that cannot be protected otherwise

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