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State of the art B2C and B2B white-label security product for Telcos
The shortest implementation time on the market
Optimized for end customers ease of purchase → sky-high adoption rates
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"The best-rated Telco product we have available."
Peter Novak, O2 Czech Republic
"Whalebone is a very reliable partner and cares for long-term success."
Maya Rakovska, A1 Bulgaria
"Well received and used by more and more users."
Simon Slonjšak, Telekom Slovenije
You are missing out on a stable revenue stream

Real-time threat coverage

Our AI-based research in combination with carefully chosen external sources ensure the best threat intelligence.

Tailored for Telcos

We’ll provide you with a zero disruption white-label Telco product, go-to-market strategy, and lifetime SLA.

Customer experience first

No installation. No updates. Offer the only security product that positively impacts user experience.

Evident value

Our digital touchpoints will ensure that your customers understand the value of the product and stay subscribed.

The sooner you launch Aura, the better

months implementation
Just a couple of weeks is all it takes for your customers to be protected and your ARPU boosted.
adoption rate
Whalebone Aura is designed for mass adoption. Join our customers who achieved record adoption rates.
ARPU boost
Multiple digital touchpoints, great and visible value, no barriers to purchase, affordable price. Your product is bound to succeed.
Let’s work side by side throughout the whole process to create something great.
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Seamlessly protect all devices

Whalebone protects users and machines against cyber threats without installing any software. All the devices in the network are protected no matter what kind of operating system they use. You can seamlessly protect your customers’ phones, laptops, smart TVs, or other IoT devices from all kinds of cyber threats.

See how our customers feel about Aura

Most importantly, Whalebone Aura has proven its worth multiple times when it significantly boosted our customers' revenue and exceeded their expectations with seamless integration and extraordinary support. Take a look at the story of A1 Net Protect:

Boost your revenue like these Telcos

“The investment has already paid off. We have reached more than 60 % adoption rate and our customers are happy too.”
Peter Novak
Segment Manager, O2 Czech Republic
“Whalebone is a very reliable partner. They think outside the box and really care about our long-term success on the market.”
Claudia Panozzo
Innovation Manager, A1 Telekom Austria
“The installation of Whalebone, which is intended for our users of mobile and fixed services, went smoothly and within the agreed deadlines. The service, which we named Varen splet (Safe Web), is well received and used by more and more users.”
Simon Slonjšak
Director of Business Development for B2C market, Telekom Slovenije
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The simplest way to completely protect your customers

Product overview

  • Network level security – protects all connected devices without the need to install anything
  • A fully customizable white-label product without any CAPEX investments
  • Multiple product add-ons including content filtering and parental control
  • Designed for smooth deployment – we can make it work in 7 weeks
  • Leads to record-breaking ROI due to low TCO and high profit margin
  • No up-front commitments. Schedule a demo call with us and see how you feel about it.

“The best-rated Telco product we have available.”

Peter Novak, Segment Manager, O2 Czech Republic

User experience

  • Easy to activate for anyone due to no installation and numerous points of sales
  • Zero-to-one click onboarding – the cornerstone of your new product’s superior user experience
  • Multiple digital touchpoints make your customers aware of the value of the product
  • All the relevant studies show that customers are more and more aware of cyber threats. They appreciate if their Telco protects them with zero disruption to their experience.

“It was really easy to understand. I could see exactly what threatened my computer and set parental control for my son's account.”

Response from A1 Austria's customer survey

Launch Aura in 6 steps

  • We are the market leader in implementation time – the whole process is fine-tuned to the point of no friction.
  • We will be there for you from the very beginning. Let us help you make your business case, prepare internal presentations, and communicate with different stakeholders from your company.
  • Aura comes with lifetime SLA. You can always count on us.

“Whalebone was able to implement the product in 8 weeks and the collaboration was excellent.”

Maya Rakovska, Director Mobile Services and Roaming Division, A1 Bulgaria

6 steps to higher revenue

Get to know Whalebone
We will have a couple of calls to make sure we are on the same page.
Business case modeling
Let's find the best way to bring the product to the market.
Proof of concept
Our tech teams will collaborate to make sure the fit is really perfect.
The deployment is fast & easy.
Let's go big together.
Lifetime SLA
We won’t stop there. We will provide both marketing and technical SLA forever.
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Technical specifications

  • Flexible architecture: On-premise, hybrid, or cloud deployments enable a versatile, fully convergent integration based on each network's unique requirements.
  • Fully customizable DNS Resolver: The caching recursive DNS resolver is fully configurable and conformant to the latest standards. It can serve both IPv4 and IPv6 while strictly validating DNSSEC.
  • We love Encrypted DNS: The full range of services can be offered over encrypted DNS protocols such as DNS over TLS (DoT) and DNS over HTTPS (DoH).
  • Domain Intelligence: AI-based threat and content intelligence + delivery in real-time = incomparable network protection.
  • 20+ touchpoints: Offer a customized end-user portal, regular reporting, or instant notifications.
  • API integration: All the configuration and reporting options are made available via API.
  • Off-Net Protection add-on: Protect users in any network they connect to.

"Whalebone protects any device regardless of the operating system. This is really important, because we encounter for example IoT infections, hacked CPE devices, and phishing attacks targeted at iOS devices every single day."

Robert Šefr, Whalebone CTO

Do you want to learn about the technology behind Aura in more detail? Ask for technical specifications.

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