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March 21, 2024
NH Collection Prague Carlo IV, Prague, Czech Republic

Whalebone recognizes the importance of know-how sharing as the way forward. Thanks to partnering with twice as many telcos globally as any other competitor, we are building the largest telco cybersecurity expert ecosystem in the world. As our partners, you are an integral part of it.

That is why it brings us great pleasure to announce we are organizing our 3rd European Telco Cybersecurity Conference as a part of this initiative, and we hope you will join us and tap into the treasure trove of knowledge we have been able to gather through our global outreach.

Topic: Cybersecurity for SMBs

  • How to position your B2B product for SMBs
  • Introduction into the new version of the Consumer portal - what can you offer to B2C and B2B customers to increase engagement and value perceptio
  • What are the real examples of threats for SMBs and how to use them to increase the awareness
  • How to train your sales agents to sell cybersecurity

We believe telco B2B clients deserve to be seamlessly protected without investing too much in complex technical solutions. By providing robust security to SMB customers, telcos can not only easily cover a whole new segment but significantly raise their credibility as well.

At our conference, you will learn best practices, techniques, and strategies on how to position your security product to your SMB customers.

We trust this event provides an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded professionals from the telco industry and discuss the unique role of Telcos in safeguarding their B2B customers.

We are excited to introduce you to our distinguished lineup of speakers who will share their expertise and insights during the conference:

  • Luka Radunović, Digital Services Coordinator, m:Tel Montenegro – "How to prepare for a successful launch"
  • Tino Herljević, ICT Presales Expert, A1 Croatia – "Effective security bundling for SMB"
  • Sergej Stolić, Lead ICT Product Manager, A1 Serbia - "How a ’simple’ DNS protection has led us to become a recognized cybersecurity provider"
  • Marija Timotijević, Expert in Digital Application Development and UX Design and Vesna Protić, Design Manager for B2B Business Experience, Telekom Srbija  - "We launched it – what’s next?"
  • Tomas Vogel, Threat Intelligence Specialist, Whalebone – "Threat Intelligence landscape analysis and examples of threats faced by SMBs"
  • Tomas Viktorik, Product Manager, Whalebone – "New customer portal for B2B and B2C and how to utilize it to increase retention"
  • Ondrej Hrabal, Product Marketing Manager, Whalebone – "Positioning towards SMB"
  • Chris Robbins, Telco Board Member - "From Vision to Buy-In: Securing Board Approval for Telco B2B Innovations"
  • Jakub Stank and Dominik Holič, Buro Milk and Michal Šuster, GTM/Strategy Manager, Whalebone - "Key to Cyber-Security Awereness"
  • Robert Šefr, CTO, Whalebone - "Product vision for joint success"


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Event details

📅 Date: March 21, 2024
📍 Location: NH Collection Prague Carlo IV, Prague, Czech Republic
 Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM