Customer resources

You can find all the information you need to use Whalebone, get support, and also where our data centers are located.

Customer resources

Go to technical documentation

Read through the Administrators’ documentation. There you’ll find all the details about installation and deployment, and how to set-up and use Whalebone.

Request full and free trial account

Request Whalebone trial. You can try Whalebone DNS and DNS Security with all its functions completely free of charge for 14-days.

Whalebone Portal

You can administer Whalebone from the Whalebone Portal available through the cloud at here you’ll find the Threats Dashboard, DNS analysis dashboard and all the configuration options.

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Get all the details about DNS, cyber security and the latest Whalebone news. Sign-up for Whalebone newsletter.

Do you need technical support?

Create a support ticket

You can report all the issues to our support team. Moreover, we really appreciate any and all feature requests and improvement proposals. Feel free to use our Support portal or create a ticket straight from the Support flag in the Portal.

Support e-mail

Contact our support team directly by e-mail at Your support ticket will be created and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Feel free to call our support team

Should you experience any urgent situation, feel free to contact us by phone +420 608 737 930.

Whalebone datacentres

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Microsoft Azure




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